Having fun

Being active is a sign of health

Everyone needs activity, relaxation, and fun. Dogs and cats are also under the care of the DOG Holiday hotel. We make every effort to ensure that our pupils happily and joyfully spend their time with us. Regardless of whether our guests come to us with their toys or not, the animals left behind can use the ones that are provided by the hotel. However, we encourage carers to take such items for their little ones that will carry the smell of their everyday home. This will certainly improve their well-being and bring more comfort when parting with the guardian.

For fun, we offer 5 separate paddocks - playgrounds that are adapted to the size and temperament of dogs. As a dog is a herd creature, depending on the breed, character, and preferences, we choose other canine companions to play with. We also have the option of separating the dog from others, depending on various factors and needs, or at the justified request of the guardian to isolate his pet from other individuals.