DOG Holiday is a hotel for dogs and cats, which was created out of passion and love for animals. Dogs have always accompanied us. In childhood, they were often mongrels. We took care of them amateurishly, but purebred dogs were always within our dreams. We carried out our plans with consistency until finally, the first pedigree female appeared. Over time, entering the professional plane, kennels of the Old English Sheepdog - Bobtail and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeds were created. We have been active members of the Kennel Club in Poland for many years. Our passion is also presenting dogs at national and international exhibitions. We both showed successes and failures. We know how much commitment and cooperation with a dog is needed to make the results satisfactory. From the first steps on the rings and the beginnings of professional care of our charges, we have been learning, gaining knowledge, and cynological experience. Today, dogs from our kennels make time for their owners all over the world.

In the hotel for dogs and cats, we take care of both mongrels and pedigree dogs and cats. Due to many years of experience and our own beliefs, we know how much trust each owner of a pet left with us. That is why we make every effort to ensure that the animals staying with us feel well taken care of.

Accommodation places for our charges are prepared in bright, clean, and heated or air-conditioned rooms, depending on the season. The paddocks are clean, and shaded, with constant access to drinking water, thanks to which dogs can play and rest freely. DOG Holiday is located in the vicinity of the forest, in a peaceful and quiet area, so older dogs, not fond of the hustle and bustle, will find the opportunity to rest with us.

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