Grooming services offered at DOG Holiday:

  • Haircut at the client's request

  • Detangling

  • Removal of the undercoat

  • Bath

  • Eye care

  • Ear care

  • Claw clipping

    All services are performed using professional cosmetics, adapted to the type of hair.

PRICE LIST includes brushing, bathing and haircut. Nail clipping and ear cleaning included.

  • Small short-haired dogs PLN 80-100

  • Small long-haired dogs PLN 110-150

  • Medium short-haired dogs PLN 120-150

  • Medium long-haired dogs PLN 160-200

  • Large short-haired dogs PLN 130-180

  • Large long-haired dogs PLN 250-400

  • Detangling tangles 60 PLN/h

  • Bath (without haircut) PLN 100/h

  • Nail clipping PLN 15-20

  • Ear cleaning PLN 10-20

The price list on this page is indicative. The final price of the service depends on many different factors, such as the condition and type of coat, the size and, weight of the dog, the behavior of the dog, or the duration of the service. Estimating the cost of the service is possible only after seeing the dog before the treatment and after the service.

Relaxed, clean dog

By entrusting us with the care of your pet, everyone has the opportunity to use an additional SPA service for a dog. The scope of the service is each time subject to individual arrangements with the owner of the dog. This service includes bathing, grooming, removing unwanted ear hair, trimming nails, and more. Even though Dogs don't always like to take a bath, you have to remember that it's a very important procedure. Regular bathing helps keep the coat and skin healthy. To make the bathing process more friendly for the pets visiting us, we use a special insert - an anti-slip mat for the bathtub. Shampoo and conditioner are used with a massage glove, which not only allows you to apply the preparation evenly but also provides our clients with additional relaxation. All cosmetics used for care are specialized and dedicated to use on animals. They are also adapted to the color and type of coat. Thanks to the use of a hydraulic bath, each dog will be treated with due care and attention. We also adjust the power of the dryers to the type and length of the dog's coat. We also have innovative solutions in the drying and care of dogs. One of them is the drying cabin, which enables a quick and stress-free drying process. The cabin is extremely quiet, thanks to which we ensure the comfort of your dog. Thanks to the electronic temperature control system from 20 to 45 degrees, we can adjust it to the requirements and preferences of a specific breed.